Ed465175 - Making Episodes, Making Connections : A Reading Comprehension Assessment Tool: The Rel` Pacific Child Project, Year One Product

Marilyn Low

The reading comprehension assessment tool is a product developed for the Regional Educational Laboratorys (REL) initiative, Pacific Communities with High performance In Literacy Development, herein named the Pacific CHILD. This research project is focused on school improvement, especially as it relates to the teaching and learning of early reading at intensive school sites, also known as Co-Development Partner (CDP) schools, in the Pacific region. The assessment tool targets a reading comprehension strategy referred to as story structure. Intended or use with pre-readers/early readers, this llwordlessll assessment tool is designed to purposefully elicit oral language evidence of the learners ability to create story episodes and make connections between episodes. It is wordless, partially to address the needs of numerous pre-readers entering CDP schools and partially to address the varying language(s) of instruction across CDP sites. The task requires the learner to tell a story based on the visual prompts provided. The Pacific CHILD is designed to respond to three critical issues currently identified by Pacific educators: (1) the need to improve student performance in early reading (2) the need for schools and communities to have better information about how well students are doing and ( 3 ) the need for teachers and administrators to improve their teaching and learning skills by focusing on student achievement. This descriptive report is divided into the following sections: Introduction Reading Comprehension Processes The Assessment Tool Initial Trials with Pacific Learners and Future Considerations. Assessment Tool Drawings are appended. (Contains 20 references and 2 tables.).